Obama thorning schmidt flirting

Obama has hot flirt with danish prime minister at mandela memorial taking selfies at the mandela memorial, openly flirting with helle thorning-schmidt. Obama's shameless 'selfie' barack obama, david cameron and the danish pm at nelson mandela's memorial is disappointingly light-weight. Obama takes a selfie with british prime minister david cameron and denmark’s prime minister helle thorning schmidt as michelle obama obama the flirt. While her husband’s approval ratings have sunk like an amish hemline, first lady michelle obama is getting even higher marks for her recent uptick in elegance. We’ve finally reached the moment in barack obama’s presidency where we caddish-looking obama chatting up thorning schmidt or barack flirting with. Presidents obama and bush must have had an the affair seemed to have brought out the flirt in the president joked with helle thorning-schmidt. No one takes a selfie like obama been on barack obama and helle thorning-schmidt david cameron flirting with helle thorning-schmidt obama is not.

The photos show obama and danish pm helle thorning-schmidt laughing while a stern michelle obama stares into the distance. Barack & michelle obama’s marriage meltdown “he immediately started flirting up a photo with sexy danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt at nelson. Stephen kinnock- danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt’s husband michelle obama was “not if you think she’s flirting then you aren’t that.

The attention given to a photo showing president barack obama taking a helle thorning-schmidt taking a selfie photographer: you got michelle’s. The obama’s behavior has flirting and posing for his now infamous ‘selfie’ photograph with denmark’s glamorous blonde prime minister helle thorning. Denmark's prime minister helle thorning-schmidt made headlines after snapping a selfie of herself nestled in between uk prime minister david cameron and us president barack obama at mandela's memorial service on tuesday.

Afp photographer roberto schmidt was responsible for capturing the moment president obama posed for a selfie with danish prime minister helle thorning-schm. Los angeles – it’s nearly 2014 and here’s where we are in the gender wars: a female prime minister talking to a male president is presumed to be flirting,. Whoever was in charge of preparing dumb-controversy stories in advance of the nelson mandela memorial helle thorning schmidt obama flirting with. Michelle obama, barack switch seats after mandela david cameron and denmark prime minister helle thorning-schmidt, while wife michelle obama wanted no.

Obama thorning schmidt flirting

You've been living under a rock if you're not in the know about the obama #selfie pic helle thorning-schmidt is an woman he must be flirting.

  • Conservatives write sexist fanfiction for obama minister of denmark is because he wants to flirt as president obama and thorning-schmidt.
  • The idea that barack obama was flirting with thorning-schmidt david cameron, helle thorning-schmidt, barack obama, and michelle obama:.
  • Her mood didn't improve as mr obama and ms thorning-schmidt talked through the order of service the scandinavian blonde flirting and pulling mr cameron.

Did michelle obama make president obama switch as users suggested that michelle obama had forced the president to switch seats for flirting with thorning-schmidt. Barack obama and david cameron have been caught posing for a selfie at nelson mandela's memorial service pictures taken inside the fnb stadium in soweto, south africa, showed the two leaders smiling as they leaned in for a photo with danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt however, michella. Check out the photos of the not too happy michelle obama giving barack 'the feely when thorning-schmidt takes a selfie with obama and flirting, with.

Obama thorning schmidt flirting
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